by The Dammitheads

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Ryan Glad to have found this album after many years of searching. Sounds just like I remember Favorite track: Stop Engo.
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released April 5, 2004


david tomaloff | vocals, guitars, bass, rhodes piano, synth, farfisa, sampler, percussion

steve hawkins | drums, percussion, sampler in “taking the long way home”, spaced invader rhodes in “…when the last bring it down”

recorded march through july of 2003 by david tomaloff, steve hawkins & jennifer bahling at the hey! low sound system (except drums on “alright”, “taking the long way home” & “…when the last bring it down”, recorded at renwood messenger studios in november 2002

mixed: by jay pellicci, david tomaloff & steve hawkins at tiny telephone, san francisco.

mastering: john golden

artwork: paintings by drew at, layout by tim chiapetta & jennifer bahling.

All song by David Tomaloff
(c) 2004 HEY! LOW SOUNDS (BMI)



all rights reserved


David Tomaloff Racine, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Alright
you're taking the best of things
and making the worst of it
you gotta know
you get what you get

i feel like a number
like zero but uptight
you know when you roll the dice
you get what you get

i just wanna feel alright
i mean nothing is safe anymore
i just wanna feel ok
i feel like i have been here before
and i just wanna feel like alright

tight-wound on a carousel
and fed through a grapevine
switched off like a dome light
you've never felt so…

i wanna be alright
its been such a long time
i wanna feel alright
yeah i said it before
that i just wanna feel like alright

you spread like a disease
you mean nothing to the world
but its everything to me

i wanna feel alright
Track Name: When the Last Bring it Down
take nothing for granted
you gotta live right do what ya say
you gotta bring it on down
i know what you say
you gotta rep your town
well fuck this city
and i've got nothing to lose
i go downtown

is there nobody home
is there nothing up high
a killer caught in a rainstorm
don’t say sorry when you're not sorry
and i wont make that mistake
i wont play that game
you cant give it away these days

take down look what they wanted
we gotta take back everything
we gotta break it all down
i know what they say
you gotta rep your town
well fuck this city
and i got nothing to hide
i go uptown

is there nobody home
is there nothing but waste
i feel caught in a rain storm
don’t give it away
when the last bring it down
don’t make that mistake
you cant give it away

you do what you want to do
you say what you want to say
you feel how you want to feel
but its uptight
sometimes you know its like that

and when the last bring it down
i feel like a mistake
caught in a rainstorm
oh don’t say sorry when you're not sorry
and i got nothing to hide
got nothing but wait
you cant give it away these days

and when the last bring it down
wont make that mistake
feel caught in a rainstorm
but i know its like that sometimes
don’t make that mistake
don’t play that game
i learned you cant give it away
don’t give it away alright

you go uptown
everyone turns up their noses at ya
man you go downtown man its dirty
c’mon kid you wanna be ready for it
when it comes down
don’t let it break your heart
Track Name: Stop Engo
standing outside the stop and go
with a false sense of security
don’t start me talking and i wont let you down
we move left and avoid the clowns
and they just move on
hey just move on

on the business end of a security camera
that’s what i said
eyes in the sky man but they look right past ya
start me laughing and i may never come down
we stay up late and avoid the downs
we just avoid the downs man

and you're so assured that
nothing can stop you now
i think you're just afraid
no one will ever try
and so you're standing down
hands in your pockets
man its gonna be a long night
this long night…

…man it goes and it goes
from here and it goes…
…from the stoplights to the grey concrete
the cars and bars and the girls
to the clubs and the sound systems
they play r&b music all night
Track Name: Taking the Long Way Home
you're taking the long way home
and you're listening
to some old forgotten song
its not like they know
where you come in or where you belong

they don’t know why they're here
but they know i'm not from here
i gotta admit yeah…it’s a long way home

you spread like some disease
through winding roads that
lead somewhere outer from here
and its not like you to
fade so quietly into the walls
silent voyeur

i don’t know why all this started
i'm glad we've departed
yeah it’s a long way home

c’mon let’s go i feel like i’m loaded
whats the question again
i could be so right yeah, yet so wrong
and you're left wondering how

alright, time to go on home
Track Name: Take it or Leave it
and you're walking the longest mile
but yeah kid you do it with style
someone to be yeah that you could write about

everything that you do is your style
and you're making it all worth while
someone to be yeah in a photograph
and its enough to drive you, uh huh

get me up off the ground and on my feet again
get me back in the ring so i can bleed again

you take it or leave it

and you're walking the longest mile
and you're making it all worthwhile
when its enough to be, like, in some photograph
and its enough to drive you into the ground
Track Name: Gimme Blood
you've got the blood
you've got the movement
its in the sound
i feel it all around
you've got the blood
you've got the movement
its in the sound
spread it all around

whats in a name
whats in the games you play
what in the sound
of all the words you say
radios down
until it comes around
gimme blood
spread it all around

all right yeah
oh you give me blood
all right yeah
oh soul, you got it
uh huh yeah c’mon gimme blood
all right yeah oh soul

whats in your head
whats in the things you said
whats in your books
and all your magazines
y’heard what they said
you are not what you own
give me blood
you wear the crown
Track Name: A Hard Way to Go
it’s a funny reaction and you sell yourself
some kind of distraction a life on the shelf
its funny and though simply put to rest
you know it’s a hard way to go

and there's no kind of way outta here
forget what you know
at times i think i can almost hear it
when you say the words slow
you think out loud

maybe the stars will look down tonight
and see you on the train
and you're blind tonight
its kinda strange how you speed things
but you know it’s a hard way to go

and there's no kind of way outta here
forget who you know
and i feel that you run in fear
every time you go out you take it alone

and man it’s a strange thing now
the lines you tune out
i can feel everything
i keep missing it all
i mean all those lights, you know
it’s a hard way to go

its funny how it all seems out of time
when everything is skewed under ambering lights

and there's no kinda way outta here
forget who you know
do you feel that you lie in fear
every time it goes out
and you find yourself
Track Name: A Way to Tune Out
but it’s the same as anyone else
when you turn your back you sell yourself
i'm begging tonight i'm standing in line
i could be lost you could be blind

but its like that and you tell yourself
alright i'm smarter than that you know
as you tell yourself
i'm right

leave it alone i've finally found
a way to get back a way to tune out
i beckon and moan until next time
to where you're lost where you hide
Track Name: Ultrakinetic
take it all, right for the money
make a note, what you can have
feel around, aw you feel it
i mean there's nothing left to grab
so take it

feel it now, free to your vantage
point is high, man you can roll
i feel nothing but the inside
i feel around and you're outta here

you take what you want
and leave rest behind

make a change for the money
stakes are high, damn you're straight
take it all, full advantage
its give and take

seconds away
they’ll break up your mind

the fall, for the money
pressure drops, damn you can roll
what you want, oh you brand it
you're what you own

seconds apart
a break in your mind